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Our Story

Financial Growth Partners, established in 1862 and redesigned in 2022, stands at the intersection of a rich historical legacy and contemporary innovation, driven by empathy to meet the evolving needs of today's consumers.

As one of 42 national firms partnered with Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and its subsidiaries, Financial Growth Partners serves clients across all 50 states, operating from offices in six states and the District of Columbia. The firm holds a significant place in Guardian's history, tracing back to its origins as Germania Life Insurance Company in 1860. Notably, two of the original 12 markets established by the company were situated in Richmond, VA, and Philadelphia, PA, which now form part of the Financial Growth Partners footprint.

With a business legacy dating back to 1930, our organization exemplifies the depth, longevity, and expertise of our work. 

In 2022, the firm underwent a transformative reimagination as two industry thought leaders— Matt Vahue, and Will Crossan—united their diverse backgrounds, expertise, passion, and vision to steer the firm towards new horizons, redefining traditional practices. 

In 2022, we commenced with 38 associates and advisors, including our most tenured member, Earl Wenger, who joined us in 1986. Within a span of just one year, our firm has nearly doubled in size, driven by a strong vision of horizontal growth to cater to the demands of the communities we serve. We project further expansion to reach 500 associates by 2033.

Our territorial focus encompasses Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Embracing an "established start-up" mentality, we recognize the inherent need for financial security within our society.

At Financial Growth Partners, we have a deep-rooted belief in the power of human potential.  We strive to empower our clients, encouraging them to take ownership of their financial journeys and become the hero's of their own stories.  Our approach is not just about transactions, it's about fostering genuine connections and serving our clients with unwavering fiduciary responsibility.  When you succeed, we succeed.  We value authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency, and we are committed to building lasting relationships that transcend generations.
As a national financial planning firm with offices in the Mid-Atlantic region, we are in constant motion, embracing a culture of continuous learning, growth, and innovative thinking to reshape traditional practices. Our focus transcends long-term goals, as we prioritize addressing current pain points. We communicate with our clients using a "you" rather than "we" approach, employing storytelling instead of industry jargon. Our ultimate aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of all those we interact with.