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Our Story

Our story is your story. It’s the human story. A story of exploration, a story of discovery. A story of challenge and a story of triumph. A story of victory and a testament to the eternity of the human soul…

The call to adventure lies in each human heart. The call to greatness. To be what we were created to be. This call requires courage and determination, faith and hope. And it requires the aid of those we love and trust.

We’ve been building relationships of love and trust for years. We’ve learned and grown in each experience and the wisdom from those experiences is the fabric and strength of our firm today and our offering to you.

Our mission is to know you. A participatory knowing that takes time to mature and deepen. A knowing that seasons and weathers through the peaks and valleys of life. A knowing that celebrates with you, that cries with you. A knowing that gives context and connection to the financial decisions made along the journey. A knowing that shares the wisdom of those who have come before us to inform us as we gather wisdom for those who will come after us. To travel well, travel together. With FGP you belong. With FGP we go with you and for you on your way towards a life of financial security.