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Phil Lassiter

Phil Lassiter

Managing Director

After my first love (auto repair), I started working in my family’s mattress retailing company, where I learned to see an enterprise as a whole. To make solid decisions. And to take care of our people. I then joined the Norfolk Police Force, where I trained to face tough times with calm and clarity. Through it all, I’ve learned to listen for understanding, be part of a team, and deliver solid service. It all fits with my sense of loyalty, dedication, and doing what’s right.

I help people navigate the road to financial confidence-- in good times and moments of challenge -- empowering them to live the life they want while reducing stress. I often serve small business owners, first responders, law enforcement, and blue-collar professionals, but I can help anyone, any family-oriented person, protect those who mean the most to them.

Besides assisting, guiding, and helping to protect my clients, I also help my colleagues launch and build successful careers with Financial Growth Partners. As Managing Director, I coach, develop, and mentor new staff in the art of financial strategies. With this knowledge, they can empower others towards financial freedom, helping the community while enhancing their own lives and their families.

Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian. CA Insurance License #4028035