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Words Matter

by Will Crossan, April 2023

What is life to the full? I have pondered these words from the moment I came into contact with them. If you were to look at my MCODE report you would see that my primary motivations are called Experience the Ideal, Improve, and Achieve Potential. Upon deeper inspection it would become obvious why those words of "life to the full" are so attractive to me. They represent ideas and concepts that reside in the deepest parts of my core and form my fundamental philosophy of life that guide my behavior. And this is why words matter. Words represent ideas and ideas point to a deeper personal reality that can be described as consciousness and consciousness is the basis of our moment-by-moment life experience that shape our behavior and inform the world who we are. As our consciousness evolves, our ideas and concepts shift and the words we utter reflect this new state of being. You may have heard the idea that it's not what a man puts into his mouth that defiles him but what comes out of his mouth, for this tells the thoughts of his heart. As our consciousness evolves, we become more and more people of virtue, of heart, of excellence. We become brighter and brighter highlighters that the world can experience as actually different.

Visionaries live in the world of ideas and concepts. These ideas have to be "sold" to the world around them through the limited tool that is language. You've heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. I'd add a vision is worth an infinite number of words. Rich in depth and feeling, it is hard to capture all the aspects with words and so the vision becomes real word by word, conversation by conversation, day by day. At FGP we are using a bevy of new words and we have the understanding that this necessitates confusion as the concepts they represent become more and more concrete through experience. Below you will find a glossary of new words we are using to represent new ideas and concepts in our firm. You will also find the Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins.

Growth and decay are natural processes of life. Vision connects to the growth process. Businesses and individuals need vision for what hasn't yet manifested in the unfolding of the life process in order to inspire hope and courage to continue in the mystery of becoming. Prophets help us see what we already know to be in our future. As we practice virtuous relationships with each other and with our clients may we act as prophets edifying and encouraging the best in each other as we individually reach for the greatest version of ourselves and collectively celebrate the process we experience together. Remember words matter because they represent ideas that confirm the state of your heart and the conscious reality you are inhabiting.