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Building The FGP Biggest Little Farm

By Will Crossan, September 2023

Imagine a workplace culture that felt like home. A safe home, a home where you feel a deep sense of belonging. A place where you feel understood and encouraged to use the best parts of you to serve a meaningful mission. A place where you could use your unique strengths to make the world around you a better place. A work environment that feels like a natural garden filled with different creatures shining in individual glory connected in a mutually supportive life-giving process of growth. A workplace where relationship and being were as valued as performance and productivity. A place where you could be AND do. That's what the Biggest Little Farm is...the FGP BLF. A little corner of the world where people belong and become the best versions of themselves, working hand in hand with others to make the world a better place. That is Advancing Human Capital. According to Gallup, roughly seven in 10 people are struggling or suffering. Henry David Thoreau said, "The mass  of men lead lives of quiet desperation." The work world is typically a place of this great suffering where a conversation with a boss is dreaded, and the tasks are barely tolerable. A place where Monday feels like a sentence and every Friday is a pardon. Most people report that being home sick in bed is preferable to being well at work. The Gallup corporation has been surveying and measuring Global Net Thriving (GNT), and the research has found that "what the whole world wants is a good job. People want a job that uses their God-given strengths daily with a manager who encourages their development." Their work has shown that "career wellbeing is the very foundation of building "the best possible life." Our current American work world is making most people sick. It is no wonder Americans are becoming the world leader in bad health. Our lives are designed around miserable daily environments of mutual suffering. Out at the FGP BLF, we are changing this. We are building a place of thriving.

This thriving requires what adorned the Oracle at Delphi's entrance, "temet nose" or know thyself. This knowing is a participatory knowing that requires the other. It is a knowing that connects people strength to strength and helps bond each other in edification. As we engage in the MCODE process, we learn more about ourselves and give a common language that allows this edification bonding through strengths. "Combining strengths and wellbeing at work is potentially the most transformational treatment yet in the urgent pursuit of resiliency, mental health and ultimately, net thriving," according to Jim Harter, Ph.D. By learning about your essence, you embody the first half of the FGP core value of Independent and Collective.

Investing time in learning the curiosity of other FP members essence fulfills the second half of this core value. Each investment of connection to self and other is step by step building the fabric of our culture that is palpably felt in what John Jones of FGP Richmond calls the "it." We are each a representative of the FGP culture. The impact you have each day in your interactions with yourself and others is building the FP BLF. Each choice you make moves our little farm towards the abundant garden that others are seeking, and that is the home you occupy, and where you invest a large majority of your being that is your life. Together as one, we are building a better world. Together as one, we are building the FGP BLF.