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Tameeka Johnson

Tameeka Johnson

Business Development Associate

Tameeka has a degree in Business Administration where she has utilized her skills and business acumen to help corporations scale up and increase revenue. She spent most of her career in the healthcare industry working as an account representative and diagnostic technician. She has worked along with owners, office managers, Human Resource directors and entrepreneurs.  In addition, she served as an account representative for the Black Chamber of Commerce helping to increase and drive community memberships. Her sales and account representative experience landed her a role with JM Family/Datascan as a Financial Risk Specialist where she saw over 100 accounts throughout the east coast. Some of her clients included Bank of America, Santander, Wells Fargo, M&T Bank, and many others. After working with companies such as these it sparked Tameeka’s interest to protect the common interest of the average working person. It was apparent that she could do a lot more in her community when it came to building and securing financial and generational wealth.

Tameeka has since taken her business skillsets and obtained her Notary Certification and Insurance licenses so that she could be a more valuable resource in her community. Today, she serves as a financial representative for the life and disability insurance and financial industry providing training and educational seminars to business and individuals throughout the states of Virginia, New York, North Carolina,  South Carolina and Texas. She has participated as a local toastmaster member and enjoys presenting to groups of various sizes.

In her spare time, you can find her using her creative skills. She has worked with  renowned tattoo artists and in make-up artistry. Fully embracing opportunities is a trait Tameeka embodies wholeheartedly, always breaking the narrative, always looking for newer and better ways of achieving a common goal. This is what she lives for.

Whether it is the financial services field, the beauty industry or building terrariums, singing, or writing music, she is in it to make it happen. Tameeka’s passion comes in the form of enhancing others to their full potential internally and outwardly. She enjoys teaching and informing people in the community to assist in the upliftment of our communities. Helping others is Tameeka’s passion.

Financial Representative of Guardian.