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Joyce Gills-Jones

Joyce Gills-Jones

Financial Representative

Joyce Gills-Jones is a seasoned financial representative, entrepreneur, and community change agent with more than 20 years of operational leadership and experience in the insurance industry.  Focused on people centralism, Joyce works to bridge the gap between financial literacy and financial advancement where planning is appreciated, execution strategies are prioritized, and the pursuit of a secure future is valued. 

Raised in a large family, Joyce discovered the innate value of a moral compass both early and instinctively. With this as her base, it became the catalyst for Joyce to carry those concepts professionally. Prior to joining Financial Growth Partners in 2022, Joyce co-founded and managed J. Jones and Associates Insurance group in 2003.  Having spent a considerable amount of time building its client base, she stepped away to establish several other entities.  However, her love of helping her community prepare for their best future ultimately fueled her return to the financial industry.

Academically, Joyce is a dual graduate from Averett University, Danville, where she earned a BA in Business Administration and an MBA.  Also an avid community altruist, Joyce is a volunteer/member of several affiliations, including Habitat For Humanity, JP Jumpers, and Changing Faces Org. In addition, Joyce co-founded the Friends Helping Friends Annual Toy Drive that supports disenfranchised communities, as well as several organizations dedicated to serving the homeless and military families since 2009. Overall, Joyce is a firm believer that creating better communities and secure futures start with instilling positive trajectories today.   She understands that the most successful results stem from forming strong, shared-value relationships.

When Joyce is not working or committing to community causes, she enjoys outdoor festivals, reading, trail walking, hosting large family gatherings, and traveling the globe to explore culture and cuisine. 

Financial Representative of Guardian.