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Jess Phelps

Jess Phelps

Financial Representative

Meet Jess Phelps, a financial representative at Jackson Ward Financial powered by FGP with a vibrant approach to empowering communities. With licenses spanning life, health, and annuities across multiple states, Jess brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her journey as a Latina woman in finance fuels her drive to serve as a catalyst for the Latino community, equipping them with vital financial knowledge and resources.

Hailing from the lively city of Richmond, VA, Jess boasts a successful background as a business owner, instilling in her a deep commitment to uplifting fellow entrepreneurs. She's on a mission to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and financial fruition, nurturing dreams into tangible success stories.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jess is a devoted mother to two wonderful children, Timmy and Sofia, and shares her life with her supportive spouse, Marrty. Outside the realms of finance, she finds solace and joy in artistic pursuits, indulging in the pleasures of reading, writing, and painting.

Jess's vision extends far beyond individual prosperity - she aims to help families secure their financial futures, break generational cycles through empowerment, and pave the way for lasting generational wealth. With her unwavering dedication and multifaceted passions, Jess Phelps embodies a refreshing voice in the financial landscape, committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Financial Representative of Guardian.