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Randy Jones

Wealth Management Advisor

12110 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 340

(703) 919-6258

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In the throes of uncertain times, small business owners are being compelled to re-evaluate their business priorities. Whether you have recently launched your first business, are preparing to retire, or anywhere in between, as your business evolves, so do your priorities. And, in an uncertain world our lives, businesses and future are changing even more rapidly. Read Bounce Forward, an interactive guide for business owners, today to help solve your critical business challenges.


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About Me

As a combat medic, I was once told “Medicine is not designed to heal you. It is designed to “sustain” you.” When it comes to finances, the information you receive is not designed to create Financial Freedom, but Financial Maintenance.

Most Financial Advisors say, “Give me some money and I’ll show you how to make it grow.” However, have you ever heard of anyone, on their death bed, ask: “How much money is in my account?”  The main thing people care about is: who I loved and who loved me; What difference did I make in someone’s life and who made a difference in mine?

Every person I meet, has a financial advisor of some sort from some background.  They give advice like puzzle pieces, then you have to figure out how all the pieces fit together to create the “Big Picture” called your life.

I’ve been in the Finance industry for 26 years. As a Wealth Management Advisor at a financial services company, I have access to all the same products and programs as any other financial advisor, but that’s not why people come to me.

They come to me for a PLAN. My plans are Not in a leather-bound book that you put on a shelf in hopes of reading someday. They are Plans that you can LIVE and they Change and Grow with you and your family.

In life, you have other Assets that mean more to you than money.  Yet, for most people money has/is/will be more of an obstacle than an asset. You can change this, if you are willing to change the way you think. You first must ask yourself, “Do I want another product, or do I want a PLAN?”

I help You Create your experiences. I Teach It’s Better to Give than to Receive. I help you Live your dreams; Appreciate life and live in the WOW!

Your wealth is not defined by money alone. It is also the difference you make in the lives of those you care about and come in contact with.”

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian.

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