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FGP Golf Club

🏌️Welcome to the FGP Golf Club!🏌️‍♀️

Tee off your career with Financial Growth Partners' exclusive Golf Club! ⛳️ Join our club and experience a workplace culture that's as supportive and dynamic as a perfect drive down the fairway.

At FGP, we don't just talk about teamwork – we live it on and off the green. Our Golf Club isn't just about sinking putts; it's about forging connections, fostering camaraderie, and driving towards success together, one swing at a time.

FGP Spring Golf Tip

🏌️⛳️ FORE! Attention all golf enthusiasts! 🏌️⛳️

With spring right around the corner, let's talk about perfecting that putting game! Financial Growth Partners believes in consistency not just in finance but also on the green!

GOLF TIP: ⏱️ Keep it snappy! When you're lining up that putt, remember to keep your routine smooth and swift. Avoid getting caught up in overanalyzing your stroke. Instead, aim for a putt-prep routine that takes no more than 6 seconds between practice swings and the actual putt.

Why rush? Overthinking can lead to what's affectionately known as "paralysis by analysis" or, worse, the dreaded yips! ⚠️

So, next time you're on the green, keep it breezy, keep it snappy, and watch that ball sink into the hole with finesse! 🎯 Remember, it's not just about the game. Golfing is about the experience and the camaraderie, too!

Golf Club Leaders

Mark Kinsella

Financial Advisor

(412) 951-2518

Mark is an experienced financial services professional who strives to be a trusted partner of his clients on their path to financial security and maximizing wealth. He specializes in working with young families and individuals who are...

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Mason Coyle

Financial Representative

Meet Mason Coyle, our Business Development Associate based in Reston, VA. He is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Finance. Mason is driven by the goal of establishing a highly successful financial...
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