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Corporate Benefits

Increasing Your Business Value

No matter which exit path you take, an increased business value can make the outcome better for all involved. That said, there are four interdependent financial domains that impact your current and future business value. Your Business Living Balance Sheet® will allow you to see your business in one view, so that you can clearly assess how different financial strategies will affect its value and your ability to exit on your terms.

Assets & Liabilities:

  • Grow assets and manage liabilities
  • Greatest assets are your people
  • The balance sheet is just a small part of the story

Cash Flow:

  • Your business was started to create cash flow
  • Your business lives on its cash flow
  • Your business is valued on its cash flow
  • Net exit proceeds must produce cash flow


  • Your business is your biggest asset
  • Your business provides for your family and many others
  • You and your business must be optimally protected.

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