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Being Is Doing

by Will Crossan, February 2023 

Sit in any coffee shop in any city in the world for a day and what you witness is evidence that the Human Soul is built for unification. I love to put headphones on and listen to classical music and watch the dance of humanity twirling in conversation at the tables around me. The interplay of head nods and smiles, feigned affection and forced listening all telling tales of the joy and struggle of finding and experiencing human connection. 

The coffee shop is the modern day campfire that is the meeting place of souls. Though we meet for a plethora of mental “reasons” underneath the noise of the mind rests the truth that we are built to be with each other and that the doing is the excuse for the opportunity of being and becoming one for moments at a time. One positive from the COVD debacle is a deep realization of our need for others. Locked away in our homes you could feel the angst of solitude and the weight the collective soul was experiencing drenched in fear of the other.

As we are finding normalcy again I am finding that people more than ever in my lifetime are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in their work, their lives and their relationships. Never before has the art of being human been so needed. To be with each other, not lost in busyness and the doing of the day but resting in the comfort of deep connection. Out of this type of connection grows compassion, honesty, joy and love. The virtues that man has revered in all times and all cultures. The things that are life giving for all humans.

The reset of 2020 created a pause and an opportunity for reflection. This was followed by the Great Resignation and now what sociologists are calling the Great Regret as people are struggling to find meaningful work and realizing that change of office, industry, title doesn’t fulfill the need they were feeling. To fill this hole of searching requires deep self-knowledge and deep knowledge of the world around us. To find purpose we must find the truth of our soul and connect our doing to our being. Today is begging for a work culture of being as doing. When we meet soul to soul unified in self-knowledge and self-love we give ourselves the opportunity to share our unique gifts and strengths from the depths of our being. This is doing as being.

Our promise to people joining our firm is not career success, it is growth. We promise to be the cocoon of growth that the butterfly enters as a caterpillar. We promise struggle as the catalyst for beauty. Our business offers the environment of accomplishment of self through relationship. These are universal blessings for the human experience. They give life meaning. The second part of the equation of meaning includes growing in self-knowledge and gaining a tighter grip on reality. Both of which our organization and this industry offers. As we collectively charge into the future as in-motion highlighters we blaze a path for others to follow on the purpose path creating an inspiration of flourishing and living. We become the being is doing model for our industry and our American work world for others to follow as they experience how we are actually different.