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Ambrose Carr

Financial Advisor

1105 North Market St.

Suite 1800

Wilmington DE 19801

Phone: 302-407-6268

Ambrose works as a Financial Advisor in the advanced financial, estate and business succession and continuity planning marketplace. He also advise executives, families, retirees, and business owners on how to manage all aspects of risk as it pertains to them individually, generationally, and professionally.

Giving financial advice through a combination of “in house” professionals and an “outside” network of professionals, Ambrose helps clients understand and quantify their needs and concerns and work towards implementing appropriate and mitigating solutions.

Each individual or business situation is unique, but many share common challenges, risks, and goals. When one explores their financial goals, they embark on a journey, and Ambrose acts as a Guide.

Through a Discovery and Interview process, Ambrose is able to understand what one’s concerns are and help to prioritize them into a list of projects that when looked at together constitute the pillars of a “Master Plan”, be it for business or personal, and usually both.

This process requires a mutual commitment of time and “bandwidth” to solve the problems / Projects. Each solution presented must always provide an opportunity to improve one’s Master Plan and achieve one’s goals.

Prior to FGP, Ambrose was affilaited with Prosperian Wealth Management a boutique group affiliated with Guardian and Park Avenue Securities as is FGP. Prior to that he was a partner in Blinken, Carr & Levy, also associated with Guardian and PAS. Prior to creating Blinken Carr & Levy, Ambrose was associated with various firms that were affiliated with MassMutual and MMLISI, their Broker dealer.

Ambrose and his wife Elizabeth have two daughters aged 9 and 12. In his free time, Ambrose enjoys golf, tennis, skiing, sailing/boating and hiking.

  • Past Chairman of NYC Ducks Unlimited
  • Past Board member of British American Education Foundation
  • Past Board Member of Quogue Historical Society
  • Past Commodore, Shinnecock Yacht Club, Quogue, NY
  • Current Board Member Upland Country Day School, Kennett Square, PA
  • Patriot Member, The Pete duPont Foundation, Wilmington, DE
  • Area Chairman, Ducks Unlimited, New York City Chapter, 2009-2010

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities. Financial Representative of Guardian® CA Insurance License Number - 0C42329.

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Business Planning

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