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Nyle Berkes

"I'm a small-town guy with a background in education and committed to helping my clients obtain financial freedom through strategic planning."

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Christy Plunkett-Barese

"I am a very down to earth, others-focused advisor with a specialty helping families and women going through disruptive change feel confident in their financial health and well-being."

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Mark Kinsella

"I love working with young families and professionals who are passionate and motivated to improve their lives and communities."

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Edward Feduke

"I empower young professionals, specifically those in sales professionals, to take advantage of full financial planning."

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Caroline Morris

"My mission is to strengthen the financial security of my clients and to discover strategies to realize their financial goals."

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From Numbers To narratives: OUR STORY

Our narrative is entwined with yours—a tale of human exploration, discovery, challenges met, and triumphs celebrated. It echoes the call to adventure resonating in every heart, urging us towards greatness, towards being the architects of our destinies. This journey demands courage, determination, faith, and hope—all amplified by the support of those we hold dear. At Financial Growth Partners (FGP), we've woven a rich tapestry of relationships built on love and trust over the years. The wisdom garnered from these connections forms the very fabric and fortitude of our firm today—an offering we extend to you.

Our mission transcends transactions; it's about understanding you. It's a participatory knowing that matures and deepens over time, weathering the highs and lows of life. It's a knowing that stands beside you in moments of celebration and in times of sorrow. This understanding provides context and connection to the financial decisions shaping your journey. It's a knowing that not only shares the wisdom of those who've paved the way before us but also contributes to the collective wisdom for those yet to come. In the grand voyage of life, we believe in traveling together. With FGP, you don't just belong; you're embraced. We accompany you, advocate for you, and safeguard your path toward a life of financial security.



We create strategies that are tailored to your goals.

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Create an investment strategy that's right for you.

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Insurance solutions uniquely designed for your circumstances.

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Business Strategies that work for your company's future.

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From investments to inspiration: OUR PHILOSOPHY

It’s important to first organize financial priorities and understand the proper order for addressing your specific situation. Take care of today, establish a good foundation to respond to life events, and then build on that solid framework to prepare for the time ahead.

Our uncommon approach to financial strategies is grounded on decades of experience. Let us help you get to the financial life you want. We offer a holistic overview of your personalized financial picture – and journey – all in one place. But having all your financial information readily available to you is only the first step. Our step-by-step approach shows you the simple logic and order of financial decision-making that help you reach your financial goals.

Traditional financial thinking often targets a narrow area of focus, leaving other critical areas completely unaddressed. This can lead people to take inappropriate levels of risk and leave them financially vulnerable and unprepared for their future.

Whatever dreams you have for your financial future, it takes the right strategy to make it happen. You need a proven process that respects your current life and lifestyle — and one that puts you on a solid path to achieving all that is important to you.

<br data-mce-bogus="1">In Motion

In Motion

Embodying purpose and driving initiatives, we effortlessly navigate the currents of change. We're not just forward-thinking—we're the architects of momentum. Seamlessly blending purposefulness with action, we make waves, crafting a future where every step is a stride toward success. Join us, and let's ride the tide of innovation together.

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Picture a vibrant highlighter sweeping across a page, not only emphasizing the important details but filling every corner with a splash of color. Our associates are the embodiment of this radiance. We fill buckets with positivity and support. Being a Highlighter means bringing brilliance to every interaction, making each moment count. We believe in creating a space that shines with the collective glow of a supportive and friendly culture.

Actually Different

Actually Different

We don't just follow the trends -we set them. FGP embraces innovation, constantly seeking new and imaginative solutions to financial challenges. Being Actually Different isn't just a tagline for us—it's a promise. We understand that true innovation lies in the synergy of reliability and creativity. Being different isn't just a choice, it's a mindset. We're not afraid to stand out, break the mold, and create a future that's uniquely ours.

Independent &#38; Collective

Independent & Collective

We celebrate the power of independent thoughts & interests, coming together harmoniously as one, and the liberating essence of being Free. Individually, we encourage our associates to explore innovative ideas and pursue their own passions. 

Simultaneously, we recognize the strength that lies in unity. Together as One, we create a formidable force that transcends the ordinary. 


We're Here For You!

What’s the value of a financial professional? Nearly 40% of Americans avoid dealing with their finances because they feel overwhelmed by them and more than 1 in 3 consider delaying retirement. 1 People who are most satisfied with life are also financially confident, and those who are least satisfied with life are struggling with their finances. 1

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Curated articles, videos, and more for a financially savvier you.

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&#160;For Your Life

 For Your Life

See how we can help you tell financial fact from fiction, so you can achieve Financial Balance® and accomplish your goals.

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FGP: Featuring Good People

FGP: Featuring Good People

A relationship with a financial professional can bring courage, relevance, understanding and emotion into the experience of navigating the choppy waters of your financial adventure.

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Retirement Challenges for Women

Retirement Challenges for Women

When it comes to retirement, women may face unique obstacles that can make saving for retirement more challenging.

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1  Guardian Study of Financial and Emotional Confidence, 2021

2 Includes owners of in force life, disability income and long-term care insurance policies as well as all securities accounts.

3 Represents in force cash values for life insurance and market values of all securities accounts. Market values of securities accounts are subject to significant changes due to market conditions. The values provided should not be used in making a determination on the quality of services provided by representatives of this agency.